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Mia Herrera is a published author, registered yoga teacher, and certified aromatherapist.

Mia graduated from the University of Toronto’s Trinity College with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Book and Media Studies, and Cinema Studies in 2009. In 2011 she obtained a Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber College, and in 2014 she obtained a Certificate in Adult Education/Staff Training from Seneca College as well as her designation as a Project Management Professional. In 2016, she obtained a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Centennial College.

Mia’s short stories, feature articles, and reviews have appeared in various online and print publications like CGMagazine, Live in Limbo, Hart House Review, and TOK. Mia is a recipient of the Youth Scholarship Award from the Tatamagouche Centre and Writers’ Trust Fund Scholarship. Her debut novel Shade was published by Inanna Publications in 2016. She is currently the Ontario Regional Representative for The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Mia became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2017 and moved on to obtain her Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga Specialist Certifications. She currently teaches private yoga classes based out of her home or clients’ homes.

Mia became a Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner in 2018 and currently offers essential oil and custom blend services through her Etsy shop, AromaU.

Mia Herrera makes a living in marketing and communications, working for local government and policing organizations. She specializes in social media and online communications.

Find out more about Mia on this website, on Twitter ,on Facebook, or on Instagram. Click through the above tabs or sliders for more information on her activities. If you would like to connect directly with Mia, visit the Contact page.

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