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Reimagining Our History - DD at Doors Open

Upcoming Event: Reimagining our History – DD at Doors Open

On Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29 I’ll be reading excerpts from Shade at the Diaspora Dialogues’ Doors Open TO event. The event, titled “Reimagining our History,” invites attendees to reimagine our great country’s history through a more diverse and inclusive lens with readings by writers, poets, and playwrights from around the GTA. I’m honoured to be reading amidst a… Read more →

In February 2016, I officially became a member of The Writers' Union of Canada.

“Making It” in the Writing World – Becoming a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada

Hey all, as of February 2016, I officially became a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada. My profile can be found online here. Becoming a member of The Writers’ Union has been on my bucket list since I first attended a Writers’ Union conference five years ago. I received a complimentary pass to attend as a Humber College School for… Read more →

Connect with me on Facebook!

I’ve been off work for the last couple of weeks due to (a) our office’s holiday closure and (b) vacation time pre-maternity leave. As a result, I’ve been systematically working my way through my to-do list of things to organize our home and my life pre-baby. One of my maternity leave resolutions was to stay away from social media –… Read more →

Shade: Available for pre-order now! & how it feels to be “Facebook official” with my novel

As the title of this post indicates, this past week, it happened… Shade was officially announced as a forthcoming book on Inanna Publications’ website and social media channels and was added to for pre-order! I shared the Amazon link on my personal Facebook page for those interested in pre-ordering (post below) and was absolutely floored by the response. Since posting… Read more →

New Book Announcement: Shade

HUGE NEWS, EVERYONE! I am beyond thrilled to announce that my book, Shade, will be published Spring 2016 by Inanna Publications. It will be launched May 5, 2016, to be exact. Shade follows the travels of a young woman named Benni, who is born and raised in northern Ontario. After her plans for the future are disrupted, she seeks escape… Read more →

Playing Axis & Allies at FMG Con

Game Review: Axis & Allies

Key Designer: Larry Harris Distributor: Wizards of the Coast Axis & Allies is a World War II strategy board game. It has a long version history since its development in 1981 and a still-avid and active following. Axis & Allies is one of those games I heard lots about, saw copies of in hobby/game stores (and sometimes even in commercial… Read more →

Readings Made Simple: A workshop with Andrew J Borokowski

Last month I attended the Readings Made Simple workshop hosted jointly by The Writers Union of Canada and Diaspora Dialogues and led by Andrew J Borokowski. The event was a fun one, held in four parts: Andrew asking us about our public reading experience and sharing insights from his own experience An opportunity for us to read our work in a… Read more →

Becoming a Competent Communicator

Early 2014, I joined The Regional Municipality of York as the Region’s first Corporate Social Media Specialist – a dedicated resource to support the Region’s social media and online communications efforts. Since the role was brand new, I was able to shape the position, and I quickly began a flurry of training sessions and presentations to raise awareness about and familiarity with social media in… Read more →

Attending a Flash Assessment: What I learned from sitting down with two book publishers and an agent

On June 24, I attended a Flash Assessment Lunch n’ Learn hosted by Diaspora Dialogues, where attendees had an opportunity to submit a query letter and one-page sample of work, to be pitched to and reviewed by Noelle Allen of Wolsak and Wynn, Jack David of ECW Press and agent Carolyn Forde of Westwood Creative Artists. I had attended only… Read more →