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I’ve been off work for the last couple of weeks due to (a) our office’s holiday closure and (b) vacation time pre-maternity leave. As a result, I’ve been systematically working my way through my to-do list of things to organize our home and my life pre-baby.

One of my maternity leave resolutions was to stay away from social media – ironic as my official title at work is actually “Corporate Social Media Specialist.” But I wanted to stay away from the personal, zombie-like addiction to social media that I often found myself in – the wake-up-and-scroll-through-Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Goodreads/Fitbit/BabyBump-first-thing-in-the-morning addiction. The don’t-forget-to-check-Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Goodreads/Fitbit/BabyBump-before-bed kind of addiction. I think I’ve done as well as could be expected over two-weeks, but placing timelines around my personal usage has certainly freed up my time for more productive forms of social media in my life now that I’m not managing work accounts.

And so enters my official Facebook author page. I’ll be using this platform to communicate with people/organizations on Facebook from a professional author perspective, share relevant events, and generally cross-promote across all channels so we can stay in touch in the form you most prefer. I’d love to connect with you! Like the page at or via my Facebook page widget on this site.

Looking forward to connecting more with everyone soon!

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