Canadian Writers Summit – Immigrant Stories Panel

Immigrant experiences upon arriving in Canada are absolutely unique to them. Without those voices, we are not offering a truly authentic Canadian voice. However, immigrants’ stories need to hold up to the same writing standard as all others that are published. This is the challenge. So, how can we tell and share those stories if English or French are not their first language? Sometimes, that responsibility falls to the next generation. But, after the second or third generation, they are no longer “immigrant” stories. They are just stories. How can we ensure those stories are captured in time?


  • Mia Herrera
  • Carrianne Leung
  • Christina Park (Moderator)
  • Nasreen Pejvack

Reimagining Our History – Diaspora Dialogues at Doors Open Toronto

Diaspora Dialogues invites you to join us for a weekend of readings reimagining Canadian history. Our country’s defining attributes are its multiculturalism and inclusivity. Yet, we tend to tell Canadian history through the eyes of the white settler. For Doors Open 2016, Diaspora Dialogues has invited some of city’s finest writers, spoken word artists, and playwrights to explore a moment or figure from Canadian history reimagined through a more diverse and inclusive lens.