Other Publications

Select Publication History:

Short Stories and Poetry:

“Next Time.” TOK: Writing the New Toronto – Book 7. Ed. Helen Walsh. Toronto: Zephyr Press, 2012. 93-100.
“Mahal Kita.” Hart House Review 2009. Ed. Macy Siu. Toronto: Coach House Press, 2009. 50-54.

Select Features:

“Farzana Doctor’s Book Launch: Six Metres of Pavement.” 10 September 2011. Live in Limbo.
“Keep Toronto Reading 2011.” 4 April 2011. YorkScene.com.
“Shop Spotlight: Heroes World.” C&G Monthly. January 2011: 8-9.
“Yann Martel.” Side Street Review. December 2010: 36-43.
“Art of the Cookie: Le Gourmand’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.” Side Street Review. June 2010: 20-21.

Select Interviews:

“An Interview with Jesse Scoble.” C&G Monthly. January 2011: 26-29.
“Felicia Day.” C&G Monthly. June 2010: 10-13
“Jon McGregor: On Writing.” Side Street Review. June 2010: 28-30.

Select Editorials:

“The 52 Book Challenge.” 12 January 2011. YorkScene.com.
“To NaNo or Not to NaNo: Writing Slob or Writing Snob?” 5 November 2010. Nerd Girl Pinups.
“Cracking the Female Code: Comics for a Female Audience.” C&G Monthly. May 2010: 28-29.
“The Lost Symbol: Not Sign of a Lost Cause.” 20 September 2009. Live in Limbo.
“Archie Comics: Changed Times, Changed Looks, Changed Stories.” 30 August 2009. Live in Limbo.

Guest Blog Posts:

Your Excuse Not to Pursue Joy Because “Life Got in the Way” Doesn’t Cut It.” 23 June 2016. Yummy Mummy Club.

Awards & Scholarships:

Writer’s Trust Fund Scholarship Award, January 2011
Tatamagouche Centre’s Youth Scholarship Award, July 2009

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